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Avoid costly damage from termite infestations!

Your home needs professional inspection to guarantee that it is termite free and to save you from infestation. 

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Protect your home from termites

Keep your home safe from termite infestation and get the professional help you need. 

  • Keep mulch, wood debris, scrap lumber, sawdust, and firewood away from your home
  • Remove infested trees and stumps
  • Repair leaking roofs, gutters, faucets, and water lines
  • Don't allow leaves to accumulate in gutters or drains
  • Grade soil so that the water runs away from foundations
  • Cover at least 90% of the soil in crawl spaces with plastic sheeting
  • Wood siding, stucco, and foam board should be at least six inches away from the ground
  • Schedule regular professional inspections

Oust pesky termites before they cause damage

Your home could be infested with termites and you’d never know! Avoid costly and dangerous damage with Termidor® treatments. Your Certified Termidor® Professionals will deliver the results you want at a price you’ll love while ensuring you're termite free. 


Contact us if you're in need of a termite inspection or prevention plan.
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