Hiring Termite Inspection Services Before Selling Your Oklahoma Home

If you're trying to sell a home in the Oklahoma City or Moore areas, you should consider hiring a termite inspection service to inspect your home before you place it on the market. Many lenders will require that potential buyers have an inspection before a loan approval, and you risk losing buyers if an inspection comes back positive for termites. It's easier to sell your home if you use Accura Pest Control services to assess your home for termite damage and other pest problems before you have potential buyers conduct a walkthrough.

What Happens If Termites Are Present?

If an exterminator determines that there are termites present on your property, he or she will discuss with you the best way to kill the termites and repair damage. The type of termite infestation will determine whether you need to vacate the property during extermination, or if the extermination process can take place while you remain in the home. If caught early enough, there usually aren't any foundation repairs needed and the extermination process is enough to rid your home of the termites.

How to Prevent Future Problems with Termites

Once you rid your home of termites, it's important to practice termite control while trying to sell your home. The exterminator can tell you the best ways to avoid another infestation of termites, so that you don't end up losing byers because of a pest problem. It's important that Oklahoma City and Moore residents keep fire wood away from the house, don't allow rotten tree stumps to remain on the property for an extended period, and cover crawl space dirt flooring with plastic. While you can't always prevent a termite infestation, being proactive with termite prevention, especially when trying to sell your home, is an important part of keeping termites from munching on your home.

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